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You know the challenges: cybersecurity; software updates; BYOD; the high costs of new technologies; remaining competitive in an increasingly competitive sector; and giving students and staff what they expect - access to applications, anywhere, anytime and on any device.


Finding the right solutions for today's students requires strategic thinking. 

iSTRATEGY Consulting has the technical knowledge and skills and the strategic partnerships to deliver extraordinary solutions for your Higher Education institution.


We are delighted to partner with education technology developer Software2 to bring AppsAnywhere to Australia

AppsAnywhere is a beautiful web interface that gives students access to all the software they need, from a familiar and customisable app store-style portal. It provides IT a way to virtualize and deliver 100% of their software from one place, whatever the device, including Windows, Mac and Chromebooks. 


AppsAnywhere is a part of life now for over 150 Universities in Europe and the USA and is being used by over 2 million students every day. We're delighted to bring this brilliant solution to Australia for the first time. 


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